Affordable Housing


There are different types of affordable housing units throughout New Jersey.  Public Housing is the largest group of affordable housing and it is funded by Federal Government (HUD).   There are also various State Housing Programs including “Mount Laurel” housing (COAH).

State Housing Programs

There are State Housing Programs including “Mount Laurel” housing (COAH).  These units can be for sale or rent.  The units in Fair Lawn on Plaza Road are known as Crossings at Radburn and will be governed by State rules.  An administrative agent is retained by the developer.  The local Municipal Housing Liaison oversees the process to ensure that all regulations are complied with.  For new developments, advertising should begin four (4) months prior to the anticipated occupancy.  Regional preference may be granted but a municipal preference is not permitted by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs.  There is a period of time during which applicants can apply.  Applicants are required to supply financial and household information.  If they qualify, the applicant is placed on a list.  During the initial period of accepting applications, all qualifying individuals in the region are given equal weight.  At the close of the advertised time period, an acceptable and secure computer program randomly assigns numbers to the qualifying individuals and the list is generated.  This is a public event and any and all interested parties may attend.  After the close of the initial period, any new eligible applicants are placed at the end of the list.  When applications are available, it will be posted on the Borough website.  Applications become available after construction has begun.

The Municipal Housing Liaison for Fair Lawn is Cathryn Hochkeppel.  201-794-5302. 

Federally Funded Public Housing

Most housing authorities own and manage their own complexes independently.  Eligibility is limited to people earning less than 80 percent of median family income as defined by Federal rule.  Many housing authorities have waiting lists.  Federal rule allows them to give priority to people who live or work in the communities they serve.  Sites that provide federal housing can be found at or by calling 212-264-8000, which is the office of the Regional Administrator (New York/New Jersey).  There are no federally funded housing units administered by the Borough of Fair Lawn as these types of units do not fall under local jurisdiction.

Affordable Housing Opportunities

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