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Just as its name implies, the mission of the Fair Lawn Fire Prevention Bureau is to prevent fire. Each year, approximately 4,500 locations are subject to Fire Safety Inspections conducted by the Bureau in accordance with the New Jersey Uniform Fire Code. Additionally, the Bureau investigates fires and various other incidents and coordinates with Law Enforcement and other outside agencies as might be necessary. The Bureau also seeks to prevent fires and injury by educating the public in Fire Safety.


Fire Official Angelo Castronovo serves as the chief administrator of the Fire Prevention Bureau. Along with Deputy Fire Official Don Santangelo, he establishes the day-to-day operating routines of the agency. Fire Inspectors include Nick Gillo, Jeff Goldberg, Paul Spagnuolo and William Cassidy. They are all certified by New Jersey Division of Fire Safety and have distinguished themselves and received several commendations as firefighters and fire prevention officials. The Bureau has also been the recipient of the Fire Safety Program of the Year Award from the New Jersey Fire Prevention and Protection Association.

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