The Zoning Department is located in Room #112 of the Municipal Building.

A Zoning approval and permit is required for: 

  1. Above ground pools & hot tubs, enclosed porches, foyers, roofs over front platforms, decks, accessory structures, signs, CCO-new    tenants-$30 fee 
  2. New one family dwellings, garages, additions, dormers, add a levels, sunrooms, in ground pools -$45 fee 
  3. Commercial applications 
  4. Re- submittal – changes, revisions, or amendments to prior reviews - $25 fee 

A copy of the survey and a set of plans are required to be submitted with your zoning permit. 

A Zoning permit is required for Shed-New or replacement, Driveway-Replacement or Enlarging, Fences-Replacement or new, or Patio-Replacement. The fee is $60 and (2) two copies of the property survey are required to be submitted with the permit application. Walkways only need Zoning approval and there is no fee. Temporary storage bins require a permit. The fee is $60 and a copy of the property survey is required.

A zoning permit is required for the replacement of the public sidewalk, apron or curb.  A fee of $25.00 and a copy of your survey will be required to be submitted with the permit application.  An inspection of the forms will be required.

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