Recycling Section List

The Borough is divided into five (5) sections for recycling and garbage collection.

Blocks are considered the first part of your address. Example: 8-01 Fair Lawn Avenue is considered to be on the 8 block.  20-05 Saddle River Road is considered to be on the 20 block.

   Section List by Street
1st Street 
     5 block to 11 block5
     12 block to 15 block1
2nd Street 
     4 block to 11 block5
     12 block to 15 block1
3rd Street 
     5 block to 11 block5
     12 block to 15 block1
4th Street 
     5 block to 11 block5
     12 block to 15 block1
5th Street 
     5 block to 11 block5
     12 block to 15 block1
6th Street 
     5 block to 11 block5
     12 block to 15 block1
11th Street1
12th Street1
15th Street5
17th Street5
20th Street1
22nd Street4
26th Street4
27th Street4
28th Street4
29th Street4
30th Street4
31st Street4
32nd Street4
33rd Street4
34th Street4
35th Street4
36th Street4
37th Street4
Abbott Road3
Abbott Road North2
Aberdeen Place2
Ackerman Drive3
Addison Place2
Albert Avenue1
Alden Terrace2
Alexander Avenue5
Allen Place2
Allwood Place3
Alyson Street5
Andover Place2
Andrew Place1
Angelo Terrace2
Arcadia Road4
Ardmore Court4
Arlington Place2
Arnold Street1
Arnot Place5
Ashburn Place2
Audobon Place2
Backus Road1
Ballard Place2
Bancroft Place2
Banta Place4
Barbara Place3
Barrister Court2
Barry Place2
Bedford Place2
Beekman Place2
Bellair Avenue5
Berdan Avenue 
     1 block to 17 block (odd numbers)1
     1 block to 17 block (even numbers)5
     25 block to 40 block3
Bergen Avenue1
Berkeley Place2
Berkshire Road4
Bernard Court3
Berwyn Place2
Beverly Court3
Blue Hill Avenue4
Bolton Place2
Boyd Avenue5
Brearly Crescent2
Brennan Court2
Brighton Place2
Bristol Place2
     12 block to 17 block5
     21 block to 40 block4
Brookside Avenue3
Bryant Place5
Bryson Road1
Burbank Street 
     9 block to 11 block5
     12 block1
Burke Place5
Burlington Place2
Burnham Place2
Bush Place5
Cadmus Place5
Calabrese Place5
Cambridge Road4
Camp Court5
Campbell Road1
Canger Place5
Carlisle Place4
Carol Place4
Cedar Street1
Central Avenue1
Century Road Extension2
Chadwick Place1
Charles Street5
Chester Street1
Chittenden Road5
Chris Court3
Christie Place4
Christine Court2
Columbia Street5
Columbus Avenue1
Comerford Place3
Cosgrove Court2
Craig Road2
Creek Court1
Cross Creek Drive1
Cross Meadow Drive1
Cyril Avenue5
Dalton Place4
D'Auria Drive3
De Bruin Drive2
Dewey Place5
Dorchester Road4
Dorothy Street3
Dunkerhook Road2
East Amsterdam Avenue4
Eastern Drive1
Eberlin Drive1
Edison Court1
Edward Street1
Elaine Terrace2
Elden Place4
Elizabeth Street2
Ellington Road4
Elliott Terrace1
Ellis Avenue5
Elm Avenue1
Elmary Place1
Elmwood Place1
Emerson Drive1
Erli Road2
Essex Place5
Estler Court3
Eugene Street3
Everett Terrace1
Exeter Place4
Fair Lawn Avenue 
     0 block to 20 block1
     21 block to 40 block (odd numbers)2
     22 block to 40 block (even numbers)3
Fair Lawn Parkway4
Fairclough Place1
Fairhaven Place5
Fairmount Place4
Fayette Place2
Fern Street1
Fernwood Drive2
Ferry Heights3
Finn Terrace3
Floral Avenue1
Ford Place4
Forest Street1
Fox Court2
Franciscan Way2
Fulton Place2
Garden View Terrace3
Gardiner Road1
Garfield Place3
Garrison Terrace2
Garvey Place2
Garwood Road2
Gentner Road2
George Street1
Gibson Place3
Gieger Place2
Glenfair Road2
Godwin Avenue2
Goldblatt Terrace2
Gordon Place3
Grant Street3
Greenwood Drive2
Gregory Road2
Greydanus Place2
Grover Terrace2
Grunauer Place4
Grunstra Place2
Gurney Terrace2
Hale Place3
Halsey Road2
Halstead Terrace2
Hamilton Road2
Hamlin Court5
Harlow Crescent2
Harris Place2
Harrison Drive5
Harristown Road1
Hartley Place4
Hazel Place5
Hedman Place3
Heights Avenue1
Hemlock Avenue1
Henderson Boulevard1
Henrietta Court2
Herold Drive2
Heywood Avenue2
High Street2
Hillery Street2
Hillside Terrace3
Hopper Avenue1
Howard Avenue2
Hunter Place2
Ivy Lane5
Jasper Lane2
Jean Terrace2
Jerome Place3
John Street3
Jordan Road2
Karl Street3
Katherine Avenue1
Kearns Place2
Keith Place2
Kenneth Avenue5
Kershner Place2
Kilada Court2
Kipp Street 
     16 block to 19 block5
     25 block to 27 block3
Knott Terrace2
Kossuth Place1
Kramer Place2
Kriesmer Place2
Kuiken Terrace2
Lafayette Place3
Lake Street1
Lakeside Avenue1
Lambert Road1
Lamring Drive1
Landmark Lane2
Landzettel Way2
Legion Place1
Lenox Drive3
Leonard Terrace3
Leslie Place2
Lexington Street1
Lincoln Avenue1
Linden Lane3
Lindsay Road3
Linwood Road3
Litchfield Lane3
Long Road1
Loretto Avenue1
Lori Lane5
Lowe Avenue1
Lucena Drive2
Lyle Terrace3
Lyncrest Avenue5
Lyons Avenue1
Madelyne Place4
Madison Terrace3
Malcolm Terrace3
Maltese Drive2
Mandon Place2
Manor Avenue5
Mansfield Drive3
Maple Avenue1
Margaret Court3
Marie Court3
Marshall Road3
Mason Place3
Matule Drive2
Maxwell Place3
Mayfair Terrace3
Maynard Place3
Maywood Court3
McKinley Street3
Meadowview Terrace2
Melvin Place3
Menow Street4
Merritt Place3
Midland Avenue4
Mitchell Place3
Monroe Street3
Morlot Avenue 
     0 block to 19 block5
     21 block to 27 block4
     208 Bridge to Saddle River Road3
Moss Road2
Myrtle Avenue1
Naugle Drive2
Nevins Road1
Newton Place3
Nicholson Drive3
Norma Avenue5
Northern Drive3
Norwood Drive3
Nottingham Road2
Oak Street1
Ontario Avenue1
Orchard Street1
Overlook Place4
Owen Avenue2
Park Avenue5
Park View Place3
Parmelee Avenue1
Paterson Street3
Pellack Drive4
Pellington Drive3
Pershing Street3
Philip Street3
Pickett Place3
Pine Avenue4
Plaza Lane2
Plaza Road 
     0 block to 8 block4
     9 block to 11 block3
     12 block to 16 block2
Plaza Road North2
Plymouth Drive5
Pollitt Drive1
Pomona Avenue1
Prescott Place3
Prospect Avenue2
Radburn Road2
Ramapo Terrace3
Ramsey Terrace3
Ramsey Terrace West3
Randolph Terrace3
Range Road1
Raphael Street4
Raymond Street1
Reading Terrace3
Red Mill Road4
Remington Road3
Richard Street1
River Road 
     3 block to 11 block5
     12 block to 18 block1
Romaine Street 
     16 block5
     25 block to 27 block3
Romana Drive4
Roosevelt Place1
Rosalie Street4
Rose Place1
Rosewood Street1
Route 4See B'way
Ruskin Road3
Rutgers Terrace3
Ryan Road4
Ryder Road3
Rys Terrace2
Saddle River Road 
     Whole Length (odd numbers)2
     2 block to 13 block (even numbers)3
     14 block to 21 block (even numbers)2
     0 block4
Sampson Road3
Sandford Road3
Sandow Court2
Scialla Court5
Scribner Road3
Sheffield Terrace3
Sheridan Place3
Sherman Place3
Simmons Place3
Smith Avenue1
South Broadway4
Southern Drive4
Sperber Road3
Split Rock Road2
St. Anne Street5
Stelton Terrace3
Stewart Place3
Strathmore Terrace4
Summit Avenue5
Sumner Place3
Sunderland Drive4
Sunnyside Drive3
Susan Place5
Sycamore Drive4
Tanis Place3
Taylor Road3
Terhune Place3
Tierney Place3
Townley Road3
Tryon Place4
Turnbridge Road4
Underwood Place3
Union Street2
Upton Place3
Urban Place4
Utica Terrace3
Van Duren Avenue3
Van Riper Place3
Van Saun Place3
Vanore Drive3
Veile Place3
Vernon Place4
Victoria Road3
Virginia Drive4
Vivian Court3
Vogel Terrace5
Wagaraw Road1
Wallace Way2
Walsh Place5
Walton Road4
Ward Street4
Warren Road3
Watkins Avenue4
Waverly Avenue 4
Wayne Road4
Weber Place1
Well Drive2
Wenonah Drive4
West Amsterdam Avenue4
Western Drive1
Westmoreland Avenue1
Westwood Drive4
Whitehall Street4
Wilcox Place4
Wilkens Court3
Williams Street2
Williamson Place4
Willow Street5
Wilson Street3
Windsor Road4
Winslow Terrace4
Wyckoff Terrace4
Wyman Court4
Yale Place4
Yerger Road4
York Street4
Yost Place4
Zachary Terrace4
Zink Place5
Zito Court3


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