Added or Omitted Assessments

Added Assessments

New Construction, structural additions and improvements completed after October 1 are valued and taxed under the Added Assessment Law. This way property that becomes accessible after October 1 does not avoid its fair share of the tax burden for the rest of the year.

A new structure, or an addition to or alteration of an old structure, is valued as of the first day of the month following completion. If the value when completed is greater than the assessed value placed on the structure on October 1 of the pre-tax year, an Added Assessment based on the difference must be made. The Added Assessment is prorated on the number of full months in the tax year.

Omitted Assessments

Additional assessments that through error, were not made at the proper time, may be placed on the tax rolls through the Omitted Assessment Laws. An Omitted Assessment can be made for the current year of discovery and one prior year. 

Tax bills for both Added and Omitted Assessments are generally sent in October and are payable on November 1. If you disagree with the Added or Omitted Assessment that is placed on your property, you can appeal it to the Bergen County Board of Taxation prior to December 1. An appeal form can be requested from the Bergen County Board of Taxation or downloaded in PDF format, Added/Omitted Petition of Appeal